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Superbugs: “The Greatest Threat To Human Health” According To The World Health Organization

If the word “superbug” doesn’t send chills down your spine, it should. These antibiotic-resistant bacteria are growing both in number and in strength. Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a list of the 12 most serious superbugs humanity is now finding itself up against. The WHO divided…

7 August 2017
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Infectious diseases

The Safe Care Campaign: Raising Awareness About Infection Prevention

Before hospital-acquired infections struck three of their family members in a 10-month period—and ultimately took the life of their son, Joshua, in 2006—Armando and Victoria Nahum had no idea how much of an issue this very serious health threat is. Today, they are fighting to raise much-needed awareness about infection…

26 July 2017
Hand Hygiene
Hand Hygiene Campaigns

Infection Prevention: 5 Hospital Handwashing Programs That Save Lives

It’s no secret that hand hygiene programs should be a key part of any hospital’s infection prevention efforts. But, often, simply telling employees to wash up is not enough. Turning this concept into an actionable campaign can require creativity. Here are 5 hospitals who have met this challenge head-on and…

18 July 2017
Industry Standards

Is Magnet Recognition Worth The Effort?

It’s an honor and an accreditation that only 8% of US hospitals can boast: Magnet recognition. The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program is reserved for the select few healthcare organizations who have demonstrated excellence in nursing, innovations in professional nursing practice, and high-quality patient care. Magnet hospitals…

23 June 2017
Hand Hygiene

How Did Handwashing In Healthcare Become So Important?

Handwashing in healthcare has always been important, but that importance wasn’t always recognized. Here’s a brief history of how handwashing became so important: You won’t find many specialists in the healthcare industry today who dispute the relationship between clean hands and infection prevention. But it wasn’t always common knowledge. In…

4 May 2017
5 min read
Infectious diseases

From Swine Flu To Ebola: How Hospitals Handle Public Health Threats

Public health threats bring public attention to hospital-acquired infections. Here is how several hospitals handled the Ebola and swine flu threats: Infection prevention measures in hospitals are always critical. However, they rarely get the attention they deserve, except when a public health threat is suddenly in the news, like ebola…

24 April 2017
Hand Hygiene Campaigns

The Art Of Hand Hygiene: 5 Handwashing Signs That Got Attention at Hospitals

Here’s how hospitals across the country are encouraging hand hygiene with handwashing signs: It’s probably not a stretch to say that raising hand hygiene compliance rates to 100% is the Holy Grail of every infection control director at every hospital in the United States. Unfortunately, Becker’s Hospital Review reports that…

14 April 2017

Making The 2017 Joint Commission Goals A Reality At Your Hospital

The Joint Commission 2017 goals provide guidelines for hospital hand hygiene. Here’s how to make these goals a reality at your hospital:  It’s a well-known fact in the world of infection control and prevention: hand hygiene is the most important way to prevent hospital-acquired infections. Unfortunately, many hospitals fall short,…

9 April 2017

Healthcare Lawsuits And Infection Control: An Expensive Collision

Read about 6 serious healthcare lawsuits involving infection control failures in U.S. hospitals: It won’t come as any surprise to infection control directors that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 1 in 25 hospital patients acquires an infection. Still, when hospitals consider launching major new campaigns around hand hygiene,…

30 March 2017